Authenticity, equality and self-love.

Short and simple, but we believe it speaks volumes through a small number of carefully placed words. It captures the relationship between us and you. EMVT believes in many things which make up our brand: quality, style, equality, inclusiveness and ethics. We want to encourage everyone to feel great and special when you wear our items, and we want them to mould to fit each and every one of you.

Clothing doesn’t have to compromise on quality for price and doesn’t have to break the bank either. A great deal of time and work has gone into perfecting each and every design to ensure quality and shape, and we’re really excited for you to join us on our journey.


Our three keywords capture our ambitions. Through our brand we aim to be transparent, open and honest with our customers. We will never conform to societal expectations and standards. We treat each other like family, and with kindness and respect.

Both mental and physical health are incredibly important and we want to use this platform to encourage openness, vulnerability and rawness, by opening a discussion into mental health and demonstrating that it is okay to not be okay. It is okay to struggle and it is okay to reach out. The importance of mental health will always be a huge part of our values.

Many clothes out there suit one standard of body type: unknown. No one is one standard of body type; everyone has something about them that sets them apart from what is deemed a ‘standard’ by the fashion and beauty industries. We emphasise equality and inclusiveness across our sizes and through our campaigns. Your features should be celebrated, not ridiculed. We are all flawed in some way, but your features are not your flaws. You should not be torn down for something that makes you you. Through our designs and campaigns, we strive to accentuate and celebrate your features.

We strive to always remain, authentic, inclusive and positively influential. At EMVT, you are celebrated for your body type, sexual orientation, gender, scars, race, freckles, hairstyle, hair colour, and most importantly, your personality. We hope you feel great and beautiful in our clothes.

The Founder

Veronica Tamimi

5’1. Loves French fries. Does not like olives.

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