Frequently Asked Questions
(Or what what we imagine some of you will eventually ask)



Do you ship worldwide?

At the moment we’re just focusing on deliveries within the United Kingdom, however we are expanding globally!

How long will my order take?

We aim to process orders within 1-2 working days – since we’re a small business it can often be the latter. Delivery times vary depending on your location, so please do refer to our Delivery & Returns page for more information.

Do you do returns?

We do, click here to read our full guidance on returns and fill in the form. Please ensure you read the information before filling in the form.

I’ve lost the satin bag/damaged it, can I still a get a refund?

Any part of the item including both the bag and garment must be returned in its original, unused condition, with all labels attached. Unfortunately many items of clothing end up in landfill because they are returned in a damaged or used condition, and this is something EMVT are trying very hard to avoid.

Do you/will you do giveaways?

You bet! Subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on Instagram for announcements.


The Brand

Tell us about the manufacturing process.

At EMVT we want to be as transparent as possible. When the brand was created, one of the goals was (and always will be) to create high quality pieces at modest prices. However, this wouldn’t be enough – I wanted to make sure that the manufacturing process would also be ethical and fair. To ensure this could be achieved, I spent so long shopping around across the globe, searching for the right manufacturer that could match all of my [oddly specific] needs but be a safe, happy environment. I was lucky enough to find these requirements within an amazing, small team in China, who pay their employees fair and good wages and work very closely with me to provide great quality and carefully designed garments at moderate prices. I take all of my designs to the team and ensure to include every single little detail, and I’m very fortunate that they can take every little feature and make it a reality.

How do you come up with the designs?

In the years before EMVT was conceived, I spent so long trying to find specific pieces of clothing that I had in mind that I wanted to wear but could never, ever find. I spent the entire year before the launch working on designs and I had a sketchbook worth of designs that were never seen by anyone. Sometimes I’ll be sitting down reading, or talking to someone or even falling asleep, and an idea will pop into my head. In those instances I’ll either grab a sheet of paper and scribble it down as fast as I can to then develop later, or run to get my sketchbook (yes, this really happens at 3am). Sometimes ideas just pop into my head and sometimes they’ve come from ideas I’ve had since I was a teenager.

What does EMVT stand for?

Everybody Must Vacuum Tapestries. I really care about your walls.

On a serious note, it stands for my siblings’ names, and my own at the end.

Who is behind the brand?

Me. Samantha Peterson. 
If you like Joe Lycett you’ll appreciate that one. View all about me here.

Can I wear your clothes?

Anyone can wear my clothes! I’ve designed them to work every angle of every body type. Once you purchase them, they’re yours babycakes. Wear them to the supermarket, to your ex-boyfriend’s party, your girlfriend’s family get-together. You work it. Don’t let anyone treat you like free salsa baby. You are guac.